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Hi .
Sorry about the Intrusion but it’s just a quick one to ask if you would be interested in a kitchen with solid granite worktops for £1295.
We have around 30 solid granite black sparkle worktops that we are clearing so we have put this offer together in order to dispose of them
We can offer these worktops with either White Gloss Kitchens, Cream Gloss, Black Gloss, Grey Gloss, or Traditional Cream Shaker Kitchens
We only have 15 of these kitchens available at this price, so I just thought that I would contact you on the off chance that you was as all interested.
I have enclosed pictures of the ranges that we can offer at this price
If you would like to see what other offers that we have, then you can do so by visiting our website www(dot)Familyrunkitchens(dot)co(dot)uk
I hope that this is of interest to you. Assuring you of my best intentions at all times.

Yours Sincerely,

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